Dragan Miskovic was born 1952. in Belgrade, Serbia. Painter and Art historian. Abstract paintings were made beetween 70s and 80s of the 20th century. Drawings, portraits and computer art works were made after 2006.

Abstract paintings

Work with Chinese Art Symbols

I'm particularly interested in practicing my technique of executing Chinese art symbols as the basic elements in the paintings.


In my works, I try to apply some of these qualities, use the symbols as a layout of the composition as well as dynamic forms in the composition’s overall movement.


Moreover, the smoothness and elegance in displaying the motion with a brush stroke, the lightnesss of colors and delicate shades and nuances.






I haven't exhibited these paintings so far and I think it would be important to show different views and interpretations of Chinese art in our cultural environment to encourage other artists to find their own ways of creative expression.


The exhibition of my works could be an event that affirms encounter of two different cultures, Serbian and Chinese, in the hope to get to know each other better.


African Motives

The cycle presents works based on interest for African traditional sculptures and masks. It is an attempt to use other means (watercolor, lavish ink) to capture an expression, so similar to modern, that exudes African traditional art.











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